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“Everything has already been said. But seeing as nobody’s listening, we need to repeat ourselves every times”
(André Gide)
So, why not say it differently?

Scanning objects in 3D

3D Scanning is converting any kind of physical object into a realistic synthetic model in 3 dimensions. Scan your objects to present them in hyper-realistic virtual relief.

Scanning can be used to develop your website, to create an interactive catalogue for tablets or to enhance your media presentations.

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Centre Pompidou, MNAM_CCI / Paris - National Gallery, Tate, British Museum / London
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Interactive content

Creating content for 3D with or without glasses.

Innovation and attraction.
Two essential factors for the growth and longevity of your company. WAOLab uses its full capacities to help you achieve novelty and innovation.
We create 3D animation films that don’t need glasses, to promote your new product, a new acquisition or an event.

We can re-create any space virtually so you can offer interactive 360° visits.

Thanks to WAOLab’s hyper-realistic virtual reproductions and its 360° animations, your clients can appreciate all the details of an object without touching it.

2D/3D Conversion

Convert your 2D content: photos and videos (films, promotional spots, art works) into 3D content that can be viewed, with or without glasses, on the latest 3D screens.

© Picture's right to use / RMN GP, Domaine de Compiègne

Create your interactive 360° catalogue for tablets and smartphones.

Multiplatform Mobile Apps

WAOLab works closely with your teams to develop smartphone and tablet applications, which enhance your product, your brand and your values.

Augmented Reality

AR+ mixes objects, interfaces, 2D and 3D devices, to create a virtual world.

AR takes us on a trip into a virtual reality and gives us the possibility to explore it with our five senses.

It's a means of creating real-time educational intelligence, through interactive content that is as fun as it is memorable.

Looking for innovative content, want to realize an interactive project ?
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