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The agency specialized in 3D digitizing for Art works

The use of fun
interactive 3D applications
increases the users attention span and memorization
ability by 30%

Changes your vision

of a sculpture, a Punu mask,
or a precious object…

We slow down time to allow
the finesse of your
objects to be appreciated
from every angle !

In this digital age where brands seek to standout through hyper active social networking and ideas are born in 3.0, it is of great importance that museums preserve our cultural heritage by conserving a trace of the past and promoting the future.

At WAOLab we believe that Art should be at the centre of these evolutions and should facilitate access to these new technologies.

Any object, whether it be conceived by a sculptor, a designer, an architect, a jeweler, a costume designer or any other form of talent, has its place in the virtual world of the web. WAOLab's hyper realistic 3D catalogues are today what art object photography and hyper realistic painting was last century.

We allow you to immortalise and sublimate your objects in photorealistic 3D model.

Offering a new perspective of an art work, an object, or a product through original interactive content, making them them accessible to a greater number of people is the essence of what we offer our clients.

Laurent Rossignol

Who for ?

  • Museums

    By choosing to digitalize and model your art objects in 3D you offer a hyper realistic vision of your collections on internet. By creating a 3D animation film you capture people's attention and make your communication dynamic. By creating a mobile application you give your public the opportunity to personalize their visit of your exposition or auction. By imagining fun educational content in 3D you capture the attention of your young public. And by proposing augmented reality you free the access to culture and art.

  • Art Fairs

    Promote your artists with innovative presentations using 3D and 360 ° virtual tours. Surprise your customers with apps that integrate haptic and interactive 3D solutions to your services.

  • Auction Houses

    By scanning your objects in 3D you give a true scale perspective of your objects and you improve visual content of your  e-catalogs. Capture your customers' attention by enhancing the beauty of your product. Foster a closer relationship with your public by developing multi-platform mobile applications. 

  • Artists

    With our autostereoscopic, content and holographic simulation displays, your clients can appreciate your objects from anywhere in the world. Amaze your collectors by using using the latest remote control innovations such as Eyetracking or Untouch.

  • Art Galleries

    Make your galley accessible from anywhere in the world by creating an interactive 3D map. By opting for a promotional campaign in 3D, you can present your works from every angle and energize your message to achieve the greatest impact on your customers.

Mask of Mozambique
Flak Gallery

We create interactive

We create
virtual curiosity cabinets.

Project digital catalog for the tribal arts - Quai Branly -

Project to create an interactive catalog in 3D for the famous auction house Spink -


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